why you can’t hack your way to a better diet

What’s a bio-hack?

Dave Asprey, who founded Bulletproof Coffee and it’s associated performance-enhancing products defines it this way…

“There are two perspectives on biohacking. One is that biohacking is something you do to biology, outside of yourself; you’re going to change a cell; you’re going change an amoeba and make it glow in the dark. The other perspective on biohacking, the one where I spend my time, is that you can hack your own biology, and you can gain control of systems in your body that you would never have access to.”

Dave is a guy who is continuously running n=1 experiments on himself to find what “hacks” work to maximize his brain and energy performance.

Dave is much like another n=1 experimenter Tim Ferriss. In the past, Tim Ferriss (author of 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body, 4 Hour Chef) would do many 2 week to 6 month self-experiments, looking to boost his potential and performance for the least amount of effort.

But, to make a change that’s sustainable and lasts long enough to get results… the change must be systemetized into a habit (Tim would most likely say the same).

The caveat is when the change is systemetized, you’re going to be performing a new action for a long-time… so you want to make sure the changes follow the correct principles that are going to lead to the desired results you want.

From our perspective, we also want to make sure those changes will also lead to better health.

“There are two perspectives on biohacking. One is that biohacking is something you do to biology, outside of yourself […] The other perspective on biohacking […] is that you can hack your own biology, and you can gain control of systems in your body”Dave Asprey

how is life by design different than bio-hacking?

Dave and Tim both propose lots of valuable information regarding health and increased function… what’s left to figure out is what is going to work for each individual.

To understand how to properly judge these micro-experiments and new scientific information… we must run these findings through our philosophy and values filter.

We will never recommend hacks that get short-term results like taking steroids for gains at the gym or the Big Mac diet for weight loss…

We only recommend the strategies that meet the health requirements of our bodies to get sustainable results over time…

Following the Life By Design formula…

Use the correct philosophy

(Life By Design)


Congruent Action

(Life By Design recommendations)



(the forgotten principle)


Extraordinary Results!

So before you even read on, let’s burst the bubble… there are no silver bullets… there are no bio-hacks to attain and keep the desired result… at the end of the day you have to do the work!

This means working to instill the small daily habits in your life, which will become your results and will eventually become your legacy… for better or for worse… it’s your choice.

Let’s get into how to get results by applying Eat By Design into your life.

what is A Sustainable Diet?

We’ve all seen the latest trends. It repeats as the same news cycle each year.

Lose weight fast by following the X diet.

This year it’s the Ketogenic diet and their associated supplements.

In the past, it’s been paleo, anti-inflammatory, alkaline, South Beach, Atkin’s, etc.

From low-fat to high-fat, high vs low protein, low sugar diets or even being a fruitatarian… there’s a diet for everyone to get amazing results.

There seems to be as many diets as there are people on the planet.

The truth is, there is only one human diet… what we’re designed to eat.

If you were to ask “What does a giraffe eat?” you’d likely get the reply of “leaves from tall trees”.

If you were to ask “What does a lion eat?”, again, you’d likely get a diet very much associated with stalking and killing prey.

So, if an extraplanetary species was studying humans and asked “What does a human eat?”… what would be the response?

The Problem With Silver-Bullet Health Hacks

Bio-hacking or manipulating your way into weight loss or a toned physique is not sustainable for your life.

If you look (or know) any fitness models, they don’t stay at less than 10{831152ed6c31b2d70bf685057a8ccfa0a5d9aec09f3ef830c770c48681358d83} body fat all year round… they go through a cycle of weight gain and fat loss to attain their toned physique for only a short window of time, sometimes just for a few hours while they are on stage or in a photo shoot.

The same is true for professional fighters… there are hacks to quickly lose weight, sometimes up to 15-20 lbs in a night that will get them to fighting weight for the weigh-in, before they bulk back up for the fight! It’s crazy!

The reason for this is because maintaining that physique is not sustainable for human beings all the time.

Bio-hacks are not sustainable solutions.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint… so we need to find solutions that will last us a lifetime.

There are slight differences between individuals with the recommendations we give based on genetics and each practice member’s goals… but there are definitely over-arching principles that apply to everyone who is human, simply because they’re human.

What is the human diet?

A giraffe has a giraffe diet, a lion has a lion diet and humans have… a human diet.

With the seemingly endless amount of cooking shows available, the differences in cultures, practices in cooking, feasting, fasting and everything in between… it seems like no two humans eat the same.

So let’s simplify it.

Food is broken down into macro- and micro-nutrients, which are both essential to our survival.

Macro-nutrients include carbohydrates (sugars, starches), fat and protein.

Micro-nutrients include vitamins, co-factors and other small molecules which help reactions happen in the body.

We need all of these to survive. They are requirements.

The question we ask at Life By Design is how can we get the best quality food into your body that meets all your requirements and is the least toxic.

Eat By Design: The Sustainable Solution to Your Food Woes

Eat By Design is not a diet… it is a sustainable solution to meeting your fuel requirements for optimal health.

We start by identifying what is required of the body to be optimally healthy… and then we have a strategy developed to meet those requirements.

You can think of the strategy as “rules to follow” when it comes to eating… if you follow the rules, or the strategy, your body will know what to do with the right fuel and your body will move towards health.

Eat By Design is not a silver bullet but a solution you can follow for the rest of your life. Generally, we don’t expect a miracle case, as in “I lost 50 lbs over the weekend following Eat By Design”.

We expect gradual change as your habits change and you refine how you and your family eat.

Depending on the current toxicity of your body, you may see or feel some great changes in the early stages such as:

  • reduction in weight
  • change in appetite
  • better digestion
  • improved energy
  • avoiding the 2pm crash
  • clearer thinking

If you want to stop guessing with your health and wasting money on every new health trend, then come to Eat By Design and learn a lifestyle for a lifetime.

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