how to correct core problems with your health

Most people make their health decisions based on this premise…

… the problem they believe they are experiencing is the problem their healthcare provider is going to correct.

In other words, identify or diagnose a symptom… they already know they have…

… and then attempt to correct it.

For example, if someone is in pain they seek out a provider who they believe will “fix” their pain.

If they have headaches, they are looking for someone to “fix” their headaches.

Someone with heart disease is searching for an approach that will “fix” their problem…

… this has been the approach of most of Western medicine for centuries…

… including many traditional chiropractors.


In these cases, if the pain, headaches or heart disease were the actual problem, healthcare that attempted to “fix” them would be wonderful and appropriate. 

The reality is… symptoms and body signals from disease processes and dysfunction are COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Collateral damage is often the effect from a handful of other CORE PROBLEMS that are left unaddressed for short or long periods of time.

A general approach to the host of signals and symptoms of nearly every disease process is to suppress the messages with medication… to “fix it” by making it feel better.

The PROBLEM is that those alarms from the body are from collateral damage…

… and are NOT necessarily the core problem.

These alarms going off in your body may even be an appropriate response…

… your body asking you to make a necessary change.

The same process occurs with the vast majority of disease treatment models…

… identify the collateral damage (often confused for the CORE problem) and attempt to “fix” it.


The easiest way to identify the core issues is to ask ourselves what are the most fundamental requirements of the body for NORMAL function.

In fact, there’s even a fancy science-name for this approach called salutogenesis

… which focuses on the factors which promote optimal health and function.

Based on the principles of Life By Design… here are 6 of the most important principles to optimize health:

1. Fuel

What you eat has a massive impact on

  • the health of your cells
  • inflammation levels within the body and, of course,
  • providing your body the building blocks needed to continuously renew itself

Following the principles of Eat By Design

… the goal of your fuel consumption is to maximize nutrient density and minimize toxicity.

2. Movement

Did you know… 90% of the nutrition needed by the brain comes from movement of the spine?

This was quoted by Dr. Roger Sperry, the 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research.

Movement is tremendously important for maintaining muscle, bone, cardiovascular health…

… and brain health, including moods.

Unfortunately our current lifestyle of working in office buildings, driving in cars and stuck on our devices decreases our body’s ability to move properly…

… eventually we lose mobility in our spine and throughout the major joint systems in the body.

This lack of movement creates tight muscles, areas of pain, decreased energy and moods…

… and causes our brains to start firing more stress hormones instead of relax and repair hormones.

Move By Design is our approach to meet your movement requirements.

Sitting too much? Experiencing stiffness and pain? You may need to regain lost mobility.

Click here for an easy-to-follow interactive video course to get you moving again.

3. Mindset

Our mind needs to be exercised as much as our bodies do.

Maintaining high levels of self-esteem throughout our lives is not guaranteed…

… we need to work to protect our mindset…

… and our ability to achieve extraordinary levels of health and happiness.

The outcome of our lives… and our levels of happiness are ultimately guided by several principles of the mind…

Purpose directs the course of our lives… where we want to go, what we want to do or achieve… and why it’s important to us.

Your purpose can be anything from wanting to help people or saves lives… to raising a healthy and happy family.

Our values guide our decisions.

Your values stem from your purpose and determine what opportunities you accept… and which ones you say no to.

Self-esteem becomes a feedback system as to how closely aligned we are living by our purpose and values.

There are 6 pillars which determine your level of self-esteem…

… make sure to check out our next Think By Design workshop to discover what they are.

4. Structural Integrity

Our spinal integrity is affected by each other system:

  • Inflammation from the foods you eat can cause breakdown of your spine and joints
  • Lack of essential movement will lead to reduced mobility
  • Our mindset and moods actually affect our posture… and we can see long-term consequences of the decisions we make day-by-day

A change in structural integrity of the spine often leads to changes in posture.

To see if you have an altered posture…

… have a look in the mirror, or have someone take a picture of you from the front and side.

  • Is your ear in front of your shoulders?
  • Is one shoulder higher than the other?
  • Does one foot flare outward?

These are just a few indicators there may be a problem with the structure of your spine.

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5. Neurological communication

Your spinal cord sends messages between your brain and body…

… coordinating all functions of the body, including your health.

This communication can be compromised by a lack of structural integrity.

It can lead to miscommunication between the brain and body…

… and ultimately a decrease in your normal level of health & function.

This takes chiropractic care out of the realm of merely pain relief or suppression… which is a treatment based model.

Chiropractic care instead addresses a core problem with both the structural integrity of the spine…

… and neurological communication between the brain and body.

This communication between your brain and body is exactly what we measure during our Bio-Structural Examination.

Performing the tests using the latest technology helps us determine your level of health and function.

Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation to review your case and find out if a Bio-Structural Examination makes sense for your health concerns.

6. Sleep

People who do not get enough sleep are often celebrated for their production…

… but the reality is most of us need more sleep than we’re currently getting.

Sleep restores the body in many ways…

… and a lack of sleep can be devastating

… leading to accidents, forgetfulness and a lack of productivity.

Our bodies work better when they’re well rested.


If one, some or all of these are left unaddressed the body is unable to fully adapt to the environment we place it in…

… often a very stressful one…

… over time there is no other option but to break down or function in a less than an optimal way.



Unfortunately not all core problems can be corrected.

If it has been left unaddressed too long…

… if the severity is too great…

… if it is just not something that is currently correctable like gene mutation…

… dealing with some of the collateral damage is a very appropriate approach.

The real pitfall is to not confuse symptom suppression with health creation.

One attempts to palliate the effects of COLLATERAL DAMAGE and the other…

… correcting CORE PROBLEMS is how you will develop health, increase performance and tap into your full capacity to enjoy life. 

Please be sure you’re getting the health solution you really want.

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