Thinking about hitting the gym? Don’t overlook this critical first step…

Do you want to build strength to be fitter, happier, healthier… maybe even look good naked?

I thought so.

If you look at our current world and the images/messages we’re exposed to in

  • Magazines
  • TV
  • Instagram accounts
  • The Olympic Village seawall
  • And even radio ads

…people are expecting a lot of us.

We should all be fit, eating healthy and getting adequate rest…

I mean, look at the thousands of people achieving these results, why aren’t we?

So, to clarify, this post will NOT give you the secret to 6-packs abs in less than 5 minutes a day…

But we will talk about the fundamental requirements for getting there eventually.

Maybe you clicked this link because you read our last post on movement and have enjoyed supercharging your brain each morning.

Or maybe you just want to know the critical step before heading back to the gym…

So…here’s the 3 points we’ll talk about in this post:

  1. Why movement is required for an optimal life
  2. Why being mobile is the basis of everything
  3. What you can do to become more mobile

Why movement is required for an optimal life

We know movement is required for an optimal life simply because ALL other requirements in life depend on our ability to move.

For example, breathing requires optimal movement of the rib cage; expansion and contraction of the diaphragm, and optimal spinal mobility to best fulfill our requirement for oxygen.

Movement is required for life. Optimal movement is required for a maximized life.

Examples demonstrating the restoration of proper movement via active strategies

such as mobility, strength training, metabolic conditioning and simply walking

(this is exactly what we outline in our Move By Design Workshop)…

or through passive strategies such as Chiropractic care (Power By Design), are vast.

Why being mobile is the basis of everything

Our lives are filled with daily stresses like…

  • sitting at a desk
  • driving
  • working on computers
  • watching TV

…even toxic food and emotional chaos contribute to the poor movement patterns we see in the average human.

We’ve progressively become less active, and this change for the worse has placed us into

environments that are pushing our species away from its natural design AND

the flourishing state of health we deserve.

But as a busy parent or someone with a high-demand job, you struggle to find the time to add 30-60 minutes of activity into your day… heck, its probably a struggle to get 30-60 seconds!

We understand…

…but we also know by NOT making the time to get proper movement, your life will suffer, you’ll become less productive and it will affect your ability to make great decisions…

Most importantly, with everything you do, you are setting an example for your children… they will begin to model the life you set forth for them.

By not taking time for yourself, your kids will eventually live their lives this way and their quality of life will suffer in the future as yours may be now!

Luckily, getting started is easy (kind of).

What you can do to become more mobile

To begin to get moving to gain more strength, more confidence, energy and vitality

You must first become more mobile.

Daily joint-to-joint mobility is an essential place to start.

Click the image for the link to Joint-to-Joint Mobility

Daily movement is not simply “good for you,” it is ESSENTIAL.

This means it’s an absolute must if you have any hope of achieving the best “you” possible.

Joints do not receive blood like muscles, thus movement is vital to bring in nutrients and flush out waste.

Start each day by moving each joint through its natural range of motion.

When considering things like strength…

if you cannot perform basic movements like a squat (try one right now)…

then it is impossible to safely perform high-intensity activities or movements with weights.

Why do you think so many weekend warriors end up with sprains, strains and sore body parts?

Mobility is required for lots of everyday activities…like lifting your baby up and down 100’s of times per day (no small feat, by the way… much respect to all our moms).

In Vancouver, not only are our moms raising families, they’re working and/or running businesses as well!

The first component of mobility is joint-to-joint movement…

Grab the instructional video here

Now that you know what do to and why it’s so important, what’s your next step?

Time to take some action. Take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule (preferably in the morning) and incorporate this simple, effective strategy to moving every single joint in your body!

Make it a family affair!

Taking this time will be good for your own health and the health of your family.


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Dr Brian Lanoue is a Life By Design Chiropractor, blogger and speaker on achieving extraordinary health. It is Brian’s passion and mission to empower you, your family and your community to live extraordinary lives. Brian co-owns The Powerhouse Chiropractic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his partner Thea.