The easiest way to get fit fast

Your Olympic Village movement experts are back… this time, to give you the easiest ways to get fit fast.

Our goal is to give you each of their unique perspectives on movement, what it takes to be healthy, and…

….most importantly…

how you can easily integrate better quality movement into your life.

Over the series, you will learn:

  1. Who are the go-to experts in Olympic Village when it comes to movement
  2. The first step is you can take to increase the quality of movement in your life
  3. The easiest way to get fit in the least amount of time

Each of these professionals agrees…

…when you increase the quality of movement in your life, you will have:

  • increased energy
  • improved stamina
  • more endurance
  • better coordination
  • restful sleep, and quite frankly…
  • a happier life!

After you’ve implemented the steps from the last post to get moving… now we can look at which ones are most effective for getting you the quickest and best results.

Let’s see what the experts have to say…

What is the easiest way to get fit in the least amount of time?

Dr Brian Lanoue

Dr Brian Lanoue Vancouver Chiropractor

Personal fitness is not an easy task. Plain and simple… it requires work.

The focus of this article is to find ways to make fitness easier on yourself. What I’m going to tell may not be what you expected but it will be very valuable.

Fitness is a habit… habits take time to instill. In our last article we talked about the best ways to get started and motivate yourself take the first step towards fulfilling your movement requirements. Check out our joint-to-joint mobility program here to get started.

Knowing what the requirements are can help you organize your fitness routine so you actually know what you’re doing when you do get started.

Going into a workout not knowing what you’ll be working on that day is a recipe for failure.

This is where hiring a personal trainer, joining a Crossfit gym, or having a program prescribed to you by a professional can rocket you to success…


Accountability, organization, and knowledge of what you need to work on next is essential to you getting the results you crave!

What are the results you want? Well… that is up to you.

The definition of being fit or having fitness is to be capable or performing a particular role or task.

The question you have to ask yourself is “am I able to do everything I want to do in life?”.

Think of it this way… if you like to bike and your best friend asked you to bike 50 km with her tomorrow… would you be able to?

If you like playing with your kids and your kids asked you to play outside with them… are you able to?

In order to provide for your family, you need to be able to be energetic and creative at work… are you?

Hopefully you can see my point from these examples. Your fitness translates to your ability to live life to the fullest… being able to enjoy the time spent with your family, performing well at work so you can continue to provide, and not be totally wiped out on the weekends.

The very first step that makes fitness easy is figuring out what you want in life and finding out if you have the ability to physically participate in life the way you want to.

If you’re not able to do all the things you wish you could do, its time to take the next step to improve your fitness, your health, and improve your life.

Every one of the professionals participating in this post can help you in different and unique ways. Take the time to learn more about what everyone does and choose the solution that’s best for you at this time.

Simon “Thor” Damborg

Thor604, Raincity Athletics, Powerhouse, Vancouver, Olympic Village

There is no ‘easy’ way to get fit.

The only way to get results from a program is to force your body to adapt – and the only way to force adaptation of any kind (strength or cardio) is to push your bodies limits an appropriate amount.

In reality, you can either have an easy workout that will take a long time, or a high intensity (see: hard) workout for a short period – there is no easy and efficient, period.

Although some key components of an effective training program include full body functional movements, a good strength program and a community or coach to hold you accountable; there’s only one major factor to maximize your time and results – intensity.

High intensity workouts mean you’re working at an unsustainable pace. As mentioned before a good training program is largely defined by your adaptation – and pushing your body a little harder than it wants to, or can sustain, is the fastest and most efficient way to illicit this.

valri cunningham

Valri Cunningham, ValUFitness, The Powerhouse, Vancouver, Olympic Village The easiest way to get fit in the shortest amount of time depends on your muscle mass.

If you have a healthy amount of muscle I suggest HIIT training. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training. You’ll get fitter faster but have a higher chance of getting injuries unless you have the muscle mass to protect your joints. HIIT training consists of 20-30min of exercises that get your heart rate up fast and keep it up for the whole duration. Exercises such as running, jumping, burpees, skipping, squats, pushups, pullups etc.

If this sounds too intense or if you have an injury or are worried about getting injured, I suggest you focus on building muscle, which has probably depleted over the years. You start to lose precious muscle when you’re in your 20’s. Then work up to doing HIIT training or do short bursts of HIIT training during your workouts.

1 hour 2-3 days a week or 30min 5-6 days a week is equivalent, so whatever is easier for you time wise. Make sure to target all major muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms, core). I suggest hiring an expert to chose exercises that are safe and appropriate for you and your fitness goals.

If you don’t have funds to hire a Personal Trainer then you can increase your physical activity by walking 30min to an hour everyday. I highly suggest putting money aside and making the investment to hire a trainer to learn the skills and create the habit that will drastically improve your life and keep you young and fit for the years to come.

Aaron Vani

Aaron HSThere is no easy way to get fit.

Improving your fitness levels takes time, hard work and dedication.

This doesn’t mean that fitness is a lofty, unattainable notion. There are a variety of ways to increase the effectiveness of each workout session.

Here are my top tips for maximizing your workout efficiency:

  1. Set aside a specific time to exercise – having a specific time and date will increase the odds that you will actually get to your workout as opposed to just hoping to fit it in during the day.
  2. Have a workout routine – having a routine to go through will help you avoid wasting time during the workout session deciding on which exercises to do. This should be an evolving plan, ideally set up by your movement specialist to continue to progress you through your fitness goals.
  3. Have a workout partner – having someone to motivate and help push you during you exercises is extremely beneficial. Your workout partner can also help to monitor your form and provide assistance with weights if needed.
  4. Have a good warm-up and cool down program – sometimes just setting aside the time to exercise can be a challenge, but this doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short. A properly designed warm-up and cool down program (including mobility drills and soft tissue work) will not only allow you to perform exercises with efficiency, but will also keep you moving and decrease the likelihood of developing injuries.


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