How to Make Eat By Design easy in Vancouver

Between running our chiropractic practice here in Vancouver, training at the gym, walking the dog and completing the many other responsibilities I have, my schedule doesn’t always allow me to consistently plan my week, which includes our meals. I know you can relate…or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Do you struggle with meal planning?
Are you unsure of what a nutrient-dense meal looks like?
Too time-starved to do food prep and cook?

I get it.

What if I told you enjoying healthy, nutrient-dense foods was easy with Eat By Design?

This article reveals some of the easiest ways you can fulfill your nutrient requirements in Vancouver; keeping you on track and saving you lots of time!

Why should I Eat By Design in the first place?

Eat By Design works in harmony with your body’s genetic make-up and design. It is not a diet, but instead an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function.

Eat By Design teaches people how to create health, instead of eating to alleviate a symptom or treat a disease. Eat By Design is a sustainable and healthy approach for life.

EBD doesn’t have to be a complete life flip, here’s some ways to make it easier for you with your hectic schedule and family life.

Principles of Eat By Design

There are 10 principles of Eat By Design. We’re going to share 3 of the principles you can apply immediately to help make meal planning easier.

Principle #1: Eat Real Food First.

Choose foods with whole ingredients, little to no processing and organic as often as possible or when available.

Principle #2: Eat Protein With Every Meal.

This doesn’t mean you need to eat a 10 oz porterhouse steak with every meal (although that does sound delicious). What it does mean is to centre your meal around a protein source like eggs, beef, chicken, fish, etc.

Many families plan their meals around their carbs or starch… “Let’s have rice/pasta tonight…” And then adding the protein source and vegetables (if meat and veg get added at all).

Principle #5: Eliminate Grains.

This is easily one of our most controversial recommendations, but essential to help support your gut health and immune health. Elimininating grains is especially important if you are working toward body composition changes (ie. Lose weight, increase muscle definition, etc).

Grains are essentially carbohydrates and we recommend removing excess carbs when you’re moving from a Standard Canadian Diet over to Eat By Design.

Learn all 10 principles at our next Eat By Design workshop.

Without further adieu…

how to make eat by design easy in vancouver

We’ve created 3 categories to make your Eat By Design adventure as easy as possible:

  • On the go
  • Delivery
  • Dinner out

On the go

Protein Burrito Bowl @ Whole Foods

Any day of the week, for just $9, you can grab a made to order burrito. Choose a bowl over a wrap and skip the rice and beans to keep it By Design.

Add your choice of Mexican beef, chorizo, chicken or pulled pork then load it with as many toppings as you like. They’ve always got grilled vegetables, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh cilantro, guacamole, cheese, and a selection of fresh salsas.

PRO TIP: Grab yourself punch card and get a free burrito bowl after purchasing 10!

Half Chicken & Seasonal Vegetables @ Urban Fare

If you are craving a hot, home cooked meal, this is definitely your place. For around $10, you can get half a chicken (breast and leg) plus your choice of side. Hold the rice and opt for seasonal vegetables to keep it By Design.

For a few extra dollars you can get BBQ ribs, lamb shanks or their daily carvery item (turkey, roast beef, pork loin, NY striploin and more).

Veggie Salad + Protein @Tractor

Tractor offers everyday health foods, using the best quality seasonal ingredients. Everything is made in small batches on site, with a vegetable-heavy menu. For $12 or less, you can fuel up with nutrient dense food on the go.

To keep it By Design, there are a couple of items you will want to avoid when choosing your salad:

  • Orzo/pastas
  • Beans/lentils/chickpeas

From there, add your grill item: chicken breast, albacore tuna steak, prawns or tenderloin. We also highly recommend adding the grilled avocado to your meal.

PRO TIP: Choosing the kimchi salad will add to your daily dose of probiotics. Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented vegetable mix with spices.

Grilled Chicken Family Meal Deal @ Whole Foods

Nothing prepped for dinner? Don’t worry Whole Foods has you covered! They make large, family style meals that just need to be heated up (…and even come in an over safe pan). Be sure to grab the grilled chicken meal, as the others all contain grains.

This meal contains 4 grilled chicken breasts, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes. PLUS you can grab a family size mixed greens salad for FREE! This has got to be the fastest and easiest By Design family meal solution in the city for just $25.

PRO TIP: Grab the Family Meal Deal at the Cambie St location on Wednesdays for $5 less! (offer may differ at other locations)


Spud Grocery Delivery 

This may just be the greatest thing ever invented! Until recently, we were spending the better part of our Saturdays grocery shopping (like many of you). Frustrated not only with the process of getting to and from the store, but also with the time it was robbing from our weekend.

With Spud grocery delivery, we’ve got all week to add to our grocery list… and then it magically arrives on Friday (delivery day depends on neighbourhood). You can specify where you want it delivered, home or office, and the time window….best of all, delivery is free over $40!!!

Most of their products are organic, GMO-free and/or local…plus they offer the same great sales as traditional grocery stores.

PRO TIP: Use referral code POWERHOUSE when you register or at the checkout and receive $20 off your first order!

Vital Supply

Need an even easier solution? Does the thought of meal prep stress you out? Looking for a healthy lunch option on your busy days?

All of Vital’s meals are prepared fresh, gluten and dairy free. They focus on attaining local and ethically sourced ingredients, to produce the highest quality meals. To ensure ALL your meals are By Design, ask for “grain-free” meals in your preferences.

You can order meals a la carte, subscribe to a weekly plan or register yourself for one of their 5, 7, or 14 day reset programs. They have pick-up locations all over Vancouver (Raincity Athletics being the closest to The Powerhouse Chiropractic).

PRO TIP: They offer a 10 day trial for new subscribers (and let them know Dr Thea Treahy-Geofreda sent you). You can arrange for it to be 1 meal/day for 10 days straight or 1 meal/weekday for 2 weeks.


Flying Pig

If you’ve never been here, bump it to the top of your to-do list now. This “nouveau Canadian bistro” is committed to offering local, seasonal and sustainable plates that nourish.

Many of their standard menu items are naturally By Design, though they always seem happy to substitute things like garlic toast for extra veggies. They feature daily specials, unique share meals and always over deliver on taste and portion size… we always come home with leftovers.

A few of our favourite By Design dishes include:

  • Braised Beef Short Rib with Roasted Bone Marrow
  • BC Salmon Sampler
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts

PRO TIP: Visit The Flying Pig on weekdays between 3-6 pm and weekends 4-6 pm for ‘Appy Hour…deals on lots of By Design appies.


Positioned on trendy Main St (at 23d), this simple yet stylish restaurant strives to tell a story with every dish.

The chefs of Nomad establish strong relationships with regional farmers, always knowing the origin of every dish. They strongly focus on seasonal and sustainable food. Several of their dishes are By Design, so lots of options. Plus everything on the menu is organic.

A few of our favourite By Design dishes include:

  • Braised Elk
  • Organic Hanging Beef Tender
  • Wild Ivory Chinook Salmon

PRO TIP: On weekends from 2-5 pm, Nomad has happy hour deals featuring several By Design small and large plate appies.


Going out with friends, we don’t always get to select the restaurant. With a keen eye or a slight modification, we can almost always find (or make) a By Design item on the menu. Living in Olympic Village, Craft is a natural go-to for a quick bite with friends.

A few of our favourite By Design dishes include:

  • Yellow Curry Steamed Mussels
  • Korean Satay Lettuce Wraps
  • Wings

PRO TIP: Looking to beef up your meal a little? Try one of their burgers and hold the bun. Ask for a lettuce wrap or just as is on the plate (fork and knife required).

Need some more support?

We hope this will help you make better choices for you and your family. If you’d like to learn more, attend our next Eat By Design workshop. Registration also gives you exclusive access to:

  • The online 30-day Eat By Design Challenge
  • 7 Day Eat By Design Meal Plan Cookbook
  • Support from the Eat By Design Coaches & community of members working to make this change with you

We look forward to seeing you there.

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