Eat By Design Fridge Tour with Dr Brian

It is fridge tour time!

In our last blog we talked all about the steps we take for our weekly food prep routine, which saves us an incredible 7 hours in the kitchen per week!

This week, Dr Brian takes you through our fridge personally…

You get to see what our fridge looks like after a our weekly food prep and we also highlight some of our favourite products… which makes Eating By Design easier for our household.

Some of the items we list definitely appear in our 20 Best Costco Finds blog as well.

I hope you enjoy the tour… share any other awesome food prep ideas you have in the comments below.

Eat By Design Fridge Tour from The Powerhouse Chiropractic on Vimeo.

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Dr Brian Lanoue is a Life By Design Chiropractor, blogger and speaker on achieving extraordinary health. It is Brian’s passion and mission to empower you, your family and your community to live extraordinary lives. Brian co-owns The Powerhouse Chiropractic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his partner Thea.