Can Chiropractic care flip your breech baby?

There are many concerns women have when they find out their developing baby is presenting breech.

A lot of women believe this is a sentence for a C-section. If a C-section is not in your birth plan, hearing this news can cause a lot of fear and anxiety, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

When searching for ways to change baby’s position naturally, you will come across all sorts of old wives’ tales, unsolicited advice from family, friends & strangers. You may find yourself trying things you would have never considered or resorting to methods which seem illogical.

A quick search for how to flip your breech baby yields thousands of results from medical professionals, alternative care providers and women with personal experiences.

So, who do you do?

Let’s break this down and see if consulting a Chiropractor may be the right choice for you.

who’s affected?

Normally, 25-30% of women will present with breech baby positions at 28 weeks, reducing to 4% by term. Up to 86% of these women will give birth via C-section.

Obstetricians may perform a manual technique to the outside of the belly (external cephalic version) in an attempt to turn the baby. Even when successful, these women are still considered high risk for prolonged and difficult labour, leading to an increased risk of emergency C-section.

Why is this?

Sustained breech malposition is thought to be due to pelvic misalignment and nerve dysfunction to the birth organs.

Spinal and pelvic misalignment can interfere with the quality and quantity of the nerve messages being sent between the brain and body. These messages are what allow your body to function normally.

When the joints are misaligned, the tissues around the joints can put pressure on the nerves. When nerves are affected in this way, the body can begin experience dysfunction. This dysfunction may not be evident right away and can go unnoticed for weeks, months or even years before symptoms become present.

Of course, due to the changes during pregnancy like:

  • center of gravity
  • increased lumbar lordosis
  • increased laxity in ligaments – thanks to relaxin

These changes may accentuate any problems that were present before pregnancy.

What are the risks?

Breech position is the most common malposition noted, although others such as transverse exist as well.

If breech presentation continues until term, or even past 28 weeks, there is a higher likelihood of experiencing complications leading to a C-section.

C-sections, although becoming more common and even planned, should still be avoided if possible.

A C-section is major abdominal surgery. There is risk of infection, major complications for future pregnancies and even death. Recovery from this type of surgery requires 6-8 weeks of rest. During the rest period, you should not lift anything, including your new born baby. A full recovery may even take 1 year.

Additionally, C-sections come with a higher risk of respiratory disease for children and additional neuro-developmental complications later in life, such as obesity, asthma and diabetes.

What’s the solution?

Chiropractors can pursue advanced training to help women who are experiencing breech presentations. Along with correcting areas affected by a change in nerve pressure, the Webster technique can be used.

This is a specific chiropractic analysis and correction procedure, which can reduce the effects of sacral subluxation or SI joint dysfunction.

Using this technique, chiropractors can help improve the neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis.

Correcting pelvic misalignment can help create more room for the baby to turn. Correcting the misalignment also allows proper nerve system control of the organs, which may have been affected by the pelvic misalignment.

Re-establishing this connection between the brain and birthing organs is vital for allowing the baby the ability to move themselves into position.

Additionally, this technique addresses the soft tissues around your growing baby, reducing the effects of intrauterine constraint. This can give your baby the room it needs to properly position itself.

This technique does not guarantee your breech baby will turn (and neither do the others). Corrections made to your pelvis and soft tissues may take several visits to turn your baby in the best of cases.

With that said, click here to find numerous case studies of successful outcomes using Webster technique and chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Both chiropractors at The Powerhouse, Dr Brian and Dr Thea, are trained to assess you using the Webster technique.

Most importantly, the doctors at The Powerhouse believe having your entire nerve system assessed during your pregnancy will significantly enhance your experience, whether you have a breech presentation or not.

Learn more about why chiropractic care is amazing during pregnancy, and discover the benefits the latest research has revealed.

What’s next?

There are many reasons why 1 in 6 women seek chiropractic care during pregnancy. Flipping a breech position baby is a common reason.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is incredibly safe and will only enhance your birthing experience.

If you would like to find out about how we can help, schedule your free consultation at The Powerhouse. We will begin by reviewing you case, addressing any concerns and determining how we can help.

Call 604.662.3304 or book online here.


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