the morning routine that will absolutely change your life

Our last post focused on showing you why you continually fail at achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

If you set goals like losing weight, getting more fit or changing your diet … are you still wishing for those to come true month after month or even new year after new year?

The main reason you fail to carry through your actions is NOT lack of ambition. I’m sure you’ve shown in other areas of your life that you’re capable of achieving great successes… so what’s the problem when it comes to your health?

Many people don’t place a conscious value on their health until the point they lose it.

That’s not what I want for you…

I want you to take action now, achieve the level of health you’ve always dreamed of, and be able to pass this knowledge onto your friends, family and kids… so you and many others can benefit.

“Ideation without execution is delusion” – Robin Sharma

There are two reasons you’re not meeting your goals:

  • You have not connected your goals to your values and purpose
  • You don’t create the time to work on yourself and your goals

We talk a lot about values and purpose at our Think By Design workshop.

This is the best place to get the information needed to craft your extraordinary life and action all your dreams.


designing your power hour

What I want to concentrate on is the morning routine or the Power Hour.

Why do you need one and how do you implement this into your daily life?

It’s vitally important to achieving your goals to carve out some time in the day to actually do this. We recommend taking an hour in the morning before you can be disturbed by kids, work emails, social media or any other “to-do’s”.

We suggest joining the 5 am club. Taking the hour from 5-6 am allows you to work on yourself while avoiding distraction.

If you aren’t a morning person or you have a varied schedule, take an hour to yourself:

  • Upon waking
  • During your lunch break
  • Before bed

Ok, now you have an hour to yourself… what do you do now? Great question!

Breaking your routine down into 3 simple steps will help you more easily organize yourself and actually get to work.


Step 1: Movement – 20 mins

First things first, grab a big glass of water. Do this before hitting the stimulants. Your body has just gone 6-8 hours of fasting during your sleep, you are dehydrated, so fix that.

Next, get moving!

Movement wakes the brain up and inspires creativity. You want the movement to consist of joint mobilization, stretching and just getting the body prepped for the day.

Get our mobility guide here.

You can use any method which works for you:

  • Move By Design Joint-To-Joint, Dynamic Mobility & Foam Rolling
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • 80’s mid-morning aerobics routine

After 15 -20 mins of movement, your brain will be woken up and ready to get creative.

Step 2: Mindset – 20 mins

The exercise to work on are outlined in the Think By Design manual.

Working on your mindset is the time to:

  • Define/refine your values and value statements. These change with time so reflect on them at least once every 90 days.
  • Create/reflect/refine your 25 year vision. Your 25 year vision will help you build your purpose or the reason you’re excited to get out of bed every morning!
  • Create your 90-day objectives. These are based on your vision and what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Define your 3 daily objectives. These will move you toward your 90 day objectives.
  • Be grateful. Name 3 things you are grateful for: something in the moment like the beauty of the sunrise, a relationship you have, and an upcoming opportunity.

There’s lots of work to do. Don’t get overwhelmed, but just choose one area to work on every day. Pro tip: I use Evernote to keep my personal vision, values and objectives recorded.

Are you prone to excessive worry and anxiety?

This can also be a time to calm your mind, especially if you are prone to excessive anxiety or worry.

Defining your purpose, values and setting action steps will both help to raise your self-esteem, as well as calm worries… but some people, like me, need a little more help.

I’ve recently introduced meditation into my own morning routine to further help create a sense of calm.

After reading through Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans, Tim noticed a trend of greater than 80{831152ed6c31b2d70bf685057a8ccfa0a5d9aec09f3ef830c770c48681358d83} of the titans in his book follow some sort of meditative practice.

I’ve been experimenting with meditation using Headspace and am so far enjoying the journey.

I used to think my meditation occurred during dog walks or workouts. After practicing with Headspace I can tell you this type of meditation, taking the time to check in with your body and breathing is completely different!

Yes I still exercise, mobilize and dog walk. Meditation has now added another tool to my arsenal of calm and self-improvement.

Step 3: Material – 20 mins

This is time to consume material that will enhance your intellectual mind and growth. What material?

  • Books to improve productivity, health, fitness, or any other special interest you may have
  • Blogs you’ve flagged to catch up on
  • Podcasts representing your interests and personal growth

This is NOT the time to catch up on emails, social media, sports or the news. These topics should be avoided as they are doing nothing to help you grow. Once your hour is over, you can move onto these subjects if you have time.

If you schedule high-priority actions over leisure activities, your high-priority actions are more likely to get done sooner. Even though we live in an age of convenience, it’s still important to schedule your leisure time as a reward for meeting your daily objectives.

Now you’re armed with everything you need to create the perfect Power Hour morning routine.

If you need a short reminder…



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