Olympic Village, Meet Your Family Health Experts

Your Olympic Village family health experts are here.

As we move from the lazy days of summer and back into the routine of autumn, we can’t help but feel that “fresh start” feeling. September is said to be the “second New Year“, making it the perfect time to establishing new family health habits… or recover the ones set in January.

Our goal is to give you 4 unique perspectives on ensuring a healthy pregnancy, raising a thriving family and…

….most importantly…

how you can easily integrate this knowledge into your life.

Over the series, you will learn:

  1. Who the go-to experts in Olympic Village are when it comes to family health
  2. How to experience the safest and healthiest pregnancy possible
  3. The best ways to protect your family’s health and keep them thriving

Each of these professionals agrees…

…there are many ways to keep your family healthy…

…and each of your decisions will be based on your own family’s values.

We ask you to keep an active mind and allow yourself to discover potentially new ways of keeping your little ones functioning at their very best.

Today’s post is all about meeting the experts, what each one specifically does… but more importantly… why each one is passionate about helping your family lead your healthiest life possible!

Let’s see what the experts have to say…


Iona Bonamis

Family Health Expert, Powerhouse Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Vancouver, Olympic Village I am passionate about what I do because I know I am helping empower parents and caregivers to become advocates of their own health.

There is a lot of information out there warning us about various health hazards and harmful chemicals…

…and it can be overwhelming and even paralyzing to think about it.

I help people overcome this fear by breaking down the information and focusing in on what’s important to them…

…and what they can easily and realistically incorporate into their daily lives.

I also love doing what I do because I want to help bring up a healthier generation.

Our kids really are our future, and they deserve to start life off on the right foot.

What we do for them now, will have long-lasting impacts on their lives.

I want to help parents set their children up to be successful and healthy for the rest of their lives…

…and your children to pass on this knowledge to their next generation.

I am also a bit of a nerd.

I love to learn and do research.

There is always new information coming out…

…I like to sleuth and examine various sources of information before I come to a conclusion about the most important ‘take-aways’…

…and how I can apply that information to my life and the lives of my clients.


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Estefania Orta

Estefania Orta, Family Health Expert, Powerhouse Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Olympic Village, VancouverMy toddler, he wakes up with a smile every morning and showers me with kisses!

My own experience of pregnancy and birth with him was so amazing because I had a fabulous team that supported and guided me throughout…

that motivates me to try and do the same for the women I see in clinic every day.

I truly believe that if women feel supported and respected during their perinatal care they become much more confident and empowered as mothers.

I love getting to meet women in this transformative stage of life, when someone comes to see you with

  • swollen feet
  • hemorrhoids
  • feeling heavy
  • tired

…but at the same time super excited about embarking on this adventure you get to see a very vulnerable and intimate side of people that you wouldn’t usually see in other situations.

I get to work with women as they create life and prepare for two of the biggest and most rewarding challenges they will ever face…

…giving birth and raising a child!

There’s not a single day when I don’t feel thankful for having the opportunity and the privilege of being able to do what I love for work!

Dr Thea Treahy-Geofreda

05152015_powerhouse-chiro_0038I absolutely believe every human being is designed to be extraordinary!

I believe a life filled with purpose and excitement, feeling vibrant and healthy should NOT be an exception to the rule…it’s what I’d consider a normal life.

As a Life By Design Chiropractor, I have the privilege of working with pregnant moms and growing families every day… showing them just how exceptional their bodies are designed to be.

My focus has always been on families, simply because kids have this incredible opportunity to live a life where health is their natural state.

At The Powerhouse, we are passionate about creating a thriving community of growing families in Vancouver.

I bring families through the Life By Design process, helping them fulfill their requirements for exceptional health.

The beauty is, you are never too old or too young to begin.

Your health blueprint begins at birth, so we work with clients as early as days and weeks old to ensure they grow up healthy and strong.

The most rewarding part of my work is watching families take hold of their health; creating a life where their children grow up never knowing what it’s like to be unwell.

I am always excited when a new family decides to join our community at The Powerhouse and discover what extraordinary feels like.

Dee Clarke

Dee Clarke, Fit4Two, Family Health Expert, Powerhouse Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Vancouver, Olympic VillageEven after teaching Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal classes for 10 years, I still love the work.

Waking up knowing that I am going to be seeing a group of moms-to-be or new moms with their adorable babies is a pleasure.

I am passionate about working with this population. Before becoming a pre and postnatal fitness specialist, I was a doula and parenting worker.

As a Fit 4 Two® trainer, I get to serve the same community, but in a different role that gives me more flexibility to be there for my own family. Helping women to have an enjoyable pregnancy and positive birthing experience is something I feel strongly about.

Educating and coaching new mothers to reconnect with and restore their core safely after childbirth is important work.

Our culture in North America puts too much emphasis on “getting your pre-pregnancy body back”. Many women have unresolved birth injuries they don’t realize are common, but not normal.

They focus on losing the baby weight and getting a flat tummy without first addressing the core of their core.

This can lead to pelvic floor, core and back issues later.

I feel good about helping women to become more in tune with their bodies and, for many, also helping them to reach their personal fitness best.

Creating connection and community among pregnant women and new mothers is something I do well in my classes and something that brings me joy.

The perinatal period is such a special time in a woman’s life. I feel honoured to be part of her journey.

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Dr Brian Lanoue is a Life By Design Chiropractor, blogger and speaker on achieving extraordinary health. It is Brian’s passion and mission to empower you, your family and your community to live extraordinary lives. Brian co-owns The Powerhouse Chiropractic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his partner Thea.