New research reveals chiropractic care may lead to a safer birth

Pregnancy and birth can be scary.

Suddenly you’re being poked and prodded like a science experiment…

You’re being told what is no longer safe to eat, what movements you should be avoiding, and having to hear out an endless stream of unsolicited advice from everyone and their mother…

You’re already incredibly worried…

Most new moms have very low self-esteem around:

  • Their changing bodies
  • Their ability to “be a mother” and keep their not-yet-born child safe
  • Their ability to cope with everyone telling them what’s best for them

So this blog isn’t about telling what you should or shouldn’t be doing…

It’s simply sharing with you exciting new research that could lead to a safer birth for you and your little one.

Did you know 1 in 6 pregnant women seek chiropractic care during their pregnancy?

It’s an incredible number and much higher than the average population.

So why is this?

You may not know, but there are many benefits to receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy. Chiropractic care assists with…

  • Regulating your hormone function
  • Increasing baby’s room in the womb to grow and develop
  • Optimizing baby’s position in the womb (less likely to be breech)
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing environmental stress
  • Reducing stress on mom’s vital organs
  • Increasing baby’s health and well-being
  • Making pregnancy a much more comfortable experience

As if that wasn’t enough, ground breaking research, from neurological researcher Dr Heidi Haavik, shows us that chiropractic care during pregnancy has some very awesome effects on mom…

which helps her to have a healthier birth.

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We’re talking about the pelvic floor muscles.

You’ve heard of them… but not quite sure why they’re so important.

The pelvic floor muscles (the Levator Ani complex) are known to have active roles in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as spinal stabilization.

When these muscles are damaged or stressed over time, health issues like incontinence and vaginal prolapse can occur… not fun…

These issues can cause severe physical distress and emotional trauma for women.

The ability for these muscles to work optimally is vital for a safe and healthy birth. Being able to both relax (to let baby get into proper position) and contract (during the active phase of delivery) are necessary.

When these muscles aren’t able to coordinate optimally, mom tires out sooner simply because the baby isn’t able to work its way down the birthing canal…

This can lead to a greater need for a forceful extraction or C-section.

The interesting finding of this particular study was a greater ability for the pelvic floor muscles to relax post chiropractic care.

Increasing a mom’s ability to relax her pelvic floor muscles is a very exciting finding, and means that chiropractic care may help her have a safer, natural vaginal delivery.

…chiropractic care may help [mom] have a safe, natural delivery.Dr Thea


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Most of us live pretty stressed out lives… which means we’re constantly contracting our muscles, never letting ourselves relax… even when we desperately want and need to!

… Like when birthing a baby!

Chirorpactic care helps turn down our stress levels and helps the body regulate, heal and RELAX.

An interesting secondary finding from this same study was in that of the non-pregnant control group…

These women, who were all chiropractic students receiving regular chiropractic check-ups, were able to contract their pelvic floor muscles at levels only previously seen in elite level athletes!

This is thought to be due to the fact that being under regular chiropractic care has led to greater sensory-motor control (how the brain processes information and relays it to the muscles).

This means that any woman receiving chiropractic care could help prevent future instances of incontinence and prolapse following pregnancy.

Whether you’re a pregnant mom or not, chiropractic care can help you have greater control over your body and your health outcomes.

This is why we choose to care for so many pregnant moms at The Powerhouse.

We make getting started easy. Our consultation is always complimentary.

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