Why your resolutions fail and how to get better

Tired of setting New Years resolutions and never following through with your plan?

I’ve been there.

Year after year, you get motivated to make a change.  You get hyped up by the media and are sure this is the year everything changes…

And then it doesn’t.

I want to show you what to do to make a real, lasting impact in the new year… so this can be your most extraordinary year yet!

Discover How To Design Your Life For Success

Stop starting resolutions
Create a life plan that works at
Think By Design

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Where do I go from here?

You have your good intentions and a vague plan of some of the changes you want to make.

Like you, most people want to change:

  • Their general health
  • Improve their diet
  • Start and stick with a new fitness routine
  • Quit smoking
  • End a toxic relationship
  • Start building a dream business or earning more at work

You have some great ideas… so what’s holding you back?

A strategy for life

Every successful person creates a strategy for their life. They do not live every day by chance, hoping they will make time to prep their food or to hit the gym.

Instead, they create a direction for their life…

They define what’s important to them…

And then create a strategy to begin fulfilling that plan.

Does everything go to plan the first time? No.

What about the 100th time. Maybe.

This is where the old notion of taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back comes into play.

I want you to think about making PROGRESS, NOT BEING PERFECT.

The cure for new years resolutions

Luckily, January is Think By Design month.

Think By Design is a live workshop where you have the opportunity to begin designing your ideal life.

The focus is on the strategies to create a healthy mind…

  • Clarify your beliefs
  • Create high self-esteem
  • Clearly define and align yourself with your purpose

This will allow you to start making changes for a lifetime… not just until the first hiccup.

Think By Design will not teach what to think…

But how to think about your life in a whole new way by applying these tested strategies.

You will learn:

  • How to create a vision and make it your reality
  • The morning ritual all successful people use
  • The 8 branches of creating your extraordinary life

If you want to stop making resolutions that fail…

And instead, start creating your ideal life… then please join us for our next Think By Design workshop.

Click here to register for Think By Design today!


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Dr Brian Lanoue is a Life By Design Chiropractor, blogger and speaker on achieving extraordinary health. It is Brian’s passion and mission to empower you, your family and your community to live extraordinary lives. Brian co-owns The Powerhouse Chiropractic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his partner Thea.