Download 10 ways to improve your sleep naturally

How did we get this way? We aren’t getting enough sleep, or we aren’t getting enough good quality sleep.

We go to bed exhausted, sleep for 6-8 hours, and still wake up TIRED.

How can that be?

Research shows relatively moderate sleep restrictions (6 hours or less per night) can seriously impair neuro-behavioural functions in healthy adults.

The negative consequences of not getting enough sleep and feeling tired are:

  • Less productivity at work and home
  • Feeling stressed out and anxious, which leads to poor and impulsive decision making
  • Paying less attention, which can be dangerous while chopping veggies or driving
  • Less likely to play with your kids or do the hobbies you enjoy
  • Feeling isolated, and more likely to bail on plans with friends and family
  • Disruption of hormone function which keeps you feeling tired

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10 Ways To Improve Sleep Naturally

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