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How to get more of what you want in 2019

At The Powerhouse we encourage you to live your Life By Design which means taking time to design your life...

... if you want to achieve an extraordinary level of health and lead an extraordinary life.

Our blog last week talked about how to achieve uncharted success in 2019 through awareness, values, vision, purpose and planning.

This week I wanted to expand on that and help make it more real. I am going to deconstruct my own plan for the new year to help inspire you to really dig down and create yours!

I will go through each category of my own, sharing my plan for the new year, but also my pitfalls.

Because Dr Thea and I teach the Life By Design principles, some people think we are perfect, arrogant, or even out of touch with our practice member's life problems, struggles and challenges...

... I wanted to clear the air and say that could not be further from the truth.

We do spend more and more time in alignment with our values, which means greater consistency from year to year. We have also been working on living our Life By Design for the past 10+ years.

So yes, there are some challenges we have experienced and moved on from... but the point is that we have been there.

And just because we have reached a particular level of health or business success, does not mean we will maintain that forever.

We continue to have struggles as circumstances in our lives change.

Again, this post is not about bragging... it is simply showing you what is possible when you actually do the work to examine your life and when you choose to live your best life.

Without further adieu, here are my 2018 struggles and my new plan for 2019.


Awareness represents our ability to live consciously, the first pillar in the 6 pillars of self-esteem laid out by Dr Nathaniel Branden (watch this great animated video outlining them here).

The practice of awareness can be as simple as getting a notebook and writing down the area or areas in your life in which you struggle most.

Where are your biggest problems? In what area do you always seem to fail?

It’s likely in these areas that you exhibit the least amount of awareness. Your beliefs, thoughts and actions are often in contradiction with one another and the poor outcomes are the product.

When making this list simply state the facts. Do not worry about where you think you should have been in 2018 and avoid judging yourself. This is simply stating reality so you can move on and make new decisions now.

My personal struggles in 2018 were:

Going out to eat more often.

This year it felt like I had more money and less time and energy for cooking and food prep.

As I went out for food more often, I was likely consuming more toxic additives than usual.

It is also easier to opt for the bun and fries with a burger, rather than a lettuce wrap and salad.

Lastly, a drink with dinner easily turns into 2 or even 3, especially when out with friends or family.

This all has another unintended consequence of spending too much. This money can be put to good use elsewhere in my life, and prepping my own food is much more cost effective (and often delicious) in the long run.

Alcohol consumption.

This is an area many practice members ask us about on a regular basis.

Especially at Eat By Design they ask about the role of alcohol in our diets.

Living and working in the Brewery Creek area of Vancouver, it can be easy to over-indulge.

To clear the air, alcohol does have some pleasurable effects for some people up to a certain point of ingestion.

It also adds a tonne of calories to your diet, ie. a 20 oz. glass of IPA can be 250 extra calories. Even if you are taking in 2500-3000 calories per day with a heavy cross-training schedule, this is still 10% of your total calories per glass!

So, if you are indulging, one of two situations will happen...

1. You will replace nutrient-dense calories with alcohol calories, or

2. You will consume more calories than are required for the day.

So this means you are getting less nutrients that are required for performance and health, or you are going to be leading to a calorie excess which can lead to weight gain.

Some other negative effects of alcohol are:

  • Affects sleep patterns, especially if consumed at night. Many people report falling asleep easier when consuming alcohol, but the quality of your sleep will be ruined as your body spends a lot of energy digesting the alcohol.
  • Slurred speech, memory loss and impaired coordination leading to injury.
  • Longer-term complications can be found here.

From the previous point, eating out more leads to drinking out more.

Not to say I was completely irresponsible this year, but drinks on Friday and Saturday with dinner out led to sluggish weekend mornings.

Suddenly the weekend has got away from me without doing the things I wanted to do or feeling rested.

This leads into the next point.

Being drained, tired and injured.

Throughout the year I got more tired, less creative and approached many weeks just hanging on for survival, doing only what I absolutely had to do to survive.

This is where many people are when they start care with us at The Powerhouse, so this was a humbling experience throughout the year to say the least.

My increase in going out meant I was not fuelling my body as efficiently as possible, staying up late and not resting.

Eventually, by the end of year, I had injuries piling up from my active and social lifestyle.

I want to be active, productive, social and engaged with the practice members on a daily basis... so in order to achieve this, I need actual rest, recovery and proper nutrition.

Not creating and giving back as much as I can to my community.

Stemming from each aspect above, I was not as productive this year and did not achieve as many of my creative goals in the past year.

I was not writing and producing blogs on the schedule I have maintained in the past.

I was not creating content for the practice so our members could continue to build healthier and more extraordinary lives.

Despite all this, the practice is growing due to our strong team and the fact that I was still showing up when I had to and performing even through exhaustion and injury.

Now, what might next year look like if I upgrade my habits now? This is what I am most excited about!


We’re very quick to jump to the actual goal itself without giving deep thought to the fundamental purpose behind creating a milestone.

What do YOU want? What would YOU like to experience?

These are fundamental questions we need to ask but not without first knowing what your values are.

A value is something you wish to obtain or keep. Examples include health, financial abundance, family, or relationships.

In order to get to know your values:

  • Go through a list of values
  • Work that list down to 3 to 8 values that mean a lot to you
  • Create value statements for each value

Click here to download the Think By Design Values List.

My personal values and value statements are:


  • I take steps everyday to lead a healthy, productive life.
  • My health allows me to do and achieve all the things I wish to do.
  • My health allows me to be fully present for and help the most people.
  • Others depend on my health for theirs.
  • Living my Life By Design gives me the blueprint for my extraordinary life and health.
  • My body is amazing and coordinates health through my nerve system.
  • My body’s ability to heal itself is far greater than anyone else may think.
  • Subluxation affects my body in ways I know, but also in many ways I may not be aware of.


  • My values guide my decisions.
  • What I think, say and do all act in harmony.
  • I exercise the doorman principle in my personal and business relationships.
  • I avoid people (or aspects of), opportunities and other practices which are not in line with my values.
  • I refine the processes and procedures in my life which create my success.
  • I apply Pareto’s principle of 80/20 to all aspects of my life.
  • My personal style and aesthetic are based on simplicity.
  • I lead by example, constantly setting the bar higher for those around me.
  • I seek like-minded mentors, colleagues, employees and I foster those relationships.
  • I enjoy both opportunities to mentor and coach others as well as being mentored and coached myself.
  • My partnership is vitally important to me. It brings me joy, happiness, strength, courage and makes me a better person by challenging me to grow beyond my comfort zone.
  • My relationship with my family brings me fulfillment and I wish for them to live extraordinary lives.
  • My dog lives an extraordinary life with me.
  • Friendships with those who share my values are vitally important.
  • The connection to the people in my community lights my life, sustains my abilities to serve and grows the community which may be reached by my care and influence.
  • Living my life by my values creates success in my personal and professional life.
  • Success is living in integrity with my values, completing my goals and objectives each day and following through with my high-priority actions.
  • It is not the result but the journey.
  • I will be handsomely paid for living out my vision and values.
  • My continued education leads to success in both my personal and professional life.
  • Education adds to my expertise about Chiropractic, health and healing within the human body.
  • I seek to expand my mind outside of this scope in order to understand the world as a whole.


My vision for 2019 consists not necessarily of a laundry list of wants... but a list of habits and experiences that spark joy.

The concept of sparking joy comes from Marie Kondo. Marie explains her KonMari Method in her book "The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up" and her Netflix show. If you don't yet subscribe to the KonMari method of life organization, check out the trailer to her show below.

To live in integrity with my values, I need to only keep those things in my life which spark joy... or those things which adhere to my values.

In order to plan out this year I had to make a list of what sparks the most joy in my life... they are:

  • Chiropractic practice. Serving the practice members at The Powerhouse at my highest level possible, so I can help the people in my community live more extraordinary lives.
  • Being active. Consistency with CrossFit, lifting and mobility so I can do all the other things I wish to do. I love snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking... I would like to do more of these activities this year as they spark tremendous joy for me.
  • Family. Spending time with Thea and Teddy.
  • Travel. Even though we live in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, I love the opportunity to explore different regions, climates, and cultures which add spice to my daily experiences. Even though travelling requires effort and can be physically exhausting... the planning, preparation, and joy of looking forward to a trip all add to the experience and make my life better.


Purpose is the why behind the what.

Why am I going through so much effort each day... or making sacrifices in some areas of life to enhance others?

Purpose is what drives you to get out of bed, live a great life, help others and chase your dreams.

It is my purpose in life to live my best life and achieve this by maintaining my health through living my Life By Design.

My purpose at The Powerhouse is to lead 1000 families to live their Life By Design, thus leaving a legacy of a happier and healthier Vancouver.

Fulfilling my purpose in business helps me to achieve everything in my personal life... it is how I make my vision a reality.

Now, all of this envisioning is great... but as my mentor Robin Sharma says "Ideation without action is delusion"... so let's get to the final planning stage.


In 2019, I'm creating upgrades for myself. I'm not making resolutions that I don't fulfill... I'm creating space, time and energy in my schedule.

I want to create a few specific upgrades which will lead to an even more extraordinary year.

Each upgrade is thought of to create more energy for myself, open up time to think and create without the worries of the day bringing me down.

Goals should also be time bound... so each one of my new goals are achieved daily to give me small wins throughout the entire year.

At the end of each day, while doing my gratitude exercise in my Unbound Planner... I can simply ask "Did I achieve all that I set out to do today? Did I enforce great habits and slowly dull the flame of my bad habits?"

What is my plan of action for 2019?

  • Waking up at 5 am. Whether I feel like it or not... and weekends too! I encourage you to read The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma... highly recommended. The first hour of my day consists of 30 mins of yoga/mobility, 15 mins reviewing my schedule/meetings/tasks, and 15 mins reading.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption. As mentioned above, even minor consumption can lead to sluggishness that decreases my creativity, productivity, as well as my financial goals. Right now, Thea and I are doing dry January and looking to extend that through the entire quarter.
  • Staying on track with Eat By Design. We do slip up from time to time, letting excess breads/pastas/etc into our diet. We absolutely perform better when we stay at least 90% on track with eating By Design. Premium cars deserve premium fuel and if we want to perform like the best, we have to eat the best food.
  • Spending more time outdoors. Last winter and summer we didn't get outside as much as we wanted. Especially in the summer when we were keen to hike, the excess of wildfire smoke and lack of dog took away my drive to get outside every week. This year I'm committing to more outside adventures that spark joy... snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, long drives to enjoy the lakes in the interior or the ocean along the US coast. Give me that fresh Rocky Mountain air! Activities outdoors, even though they require energy, they're revitalizing to my soul and actually a spark for many amazing ideas.
  • Education. My education inspires me to teach and create more. I am committing to daily education through reading, listening to interesting podcasts on a number of subjects, and investing more in my professional continuing education. All of this will continue to enhance the practices and processes in my personal and professional life.

Again the point of this blog is to help inspire you to do this work for yourself.

It's not to brag about my achievements, it's about being humble, accepting my faults and showing you what it takes to do the work to create an inspired and extraordinary life!

What upgrades are you planning for your year?

I'd love to hear, according to our article below, your VALUES, VISION, PURPOSE and PLAN. Please share in the comments below as sharing creates accountability and accountability creates action.

Cheers to living your best life in 2019!

Bonus exercise - Discovering your purpose

As a bonus, I want to share with you an exercise given to me by Dr John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist.

People always ask us at our Think By Design workshop how to determine and develop their purpose. This exercise is designed to help you with just that!

The goal is for you to ask yourself these 7 daily questions at the end of each day in order to discover what you actually want to achieve out of life and why you want it.

7 Daily Questions:
  1. What would I absolutely love to do in life?
  2. How do I become handsomely paid to do it?
  3. What are the seven highest priority action steps I could complete today that would enable me to do it?
  4. What obstacles might I run into and how do I solve them in advance?
  5. What worked and didn’t work today?
  6. How can I do what I love more effectively and efficiently?
  7. How did whatever I experienced today, whether positive or negative serve me?


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Dr Brian Lanoue is a Life By Design Chiropractor, blogger and speaker on achieving extraordinary health. It is Brian’s passion and mission to empower you, your family and your community to live extraordinary lives. Brian co-owns The Powerhouse Chiropractic in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his partner Thea.