Almost every result women are searching for is a side effect of lifting weights and increasing lean muscle.

For myself, the biggest changes I saw when I started strength training:

  • Physically I can better perform and be prepared for any other activity in life… I’m never held back by my body.
  • Better hormone regulation
  • Increased energy
  • Increased confidence knowing I can handle any situation life throws at me… both physically and mentally.

Forget about the myths of getting too bulky or looking manly…

…neither of those are legitimate concerns without performance enhancing drugs or some serious genetic predisposition.

When you combine a supervised strength training program and Eating By Design…here are some of the results you can expect.


If you’ve bought into the myth that cardio is the fastest way to lose fat you’re missing out on the number one time tested strategy.

Lifting heavy weight is the cornerstone to fat loss, not endless hours on the treadmill.


Read Point 2.


With moderate-paced cardio workouts, your body only burns calories while you’re physically moving.

Have you wondered how to keep those calories burning even while you are asleep?

By helping to build lean muscle, strength training turns your body into an engine that constantly burns fuel day and night.

That’s a side effect no amount of cardio can match.

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You can’t shape muscles but you can build more lean muscle.

With less body fat on top of them, that translates into smaller clothing sizes without cutting the calories.

In fact, with proper training, rest and recovery… you will help balance your hormone profile and probably find yourself eating more, while still making great body composition changes.

Again, Eating By Design is key to be successful with this strategy.


Strength doesn’t just come in physical form. Moving heavy things delivers a power packed shot to your mental state as well.

Lifting makes you feel great on all accounts. In fact, physical activity is proving to be what should be the front-line treatment for mental challenges like depression.

Also, training in a team-like atmosphere like Crossfit, or other group training classes, allows women to come together and support each others’ goals.

Who wouldn’t love a fun, action-packed Friday night at the bar? #squadgoals

Women, lifting, weights, strong, sexy, Powerhouse, Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Vancouver, Olympic Village


One major fear women have is developing osteoporosis.

The #1 strategy for bone building is NOT more calcium.

Bones are not static, they are in a constant state of building, remodelling, and tearing down.

Bones build as a response to physical stress along the long-axis of the bone, or what is called Wolff’s Law.

Strength training and lifting with proper form will stress your bones appropriately to build bone and keep it strong throughout your lifetime.

The best part is… it’s never too late to start… check out these next 2 studies…

This analysis shows how combined resistance training programs help to preserve the bone density in post-menopausal women.

This study shows how breast cancer survivors who participated in a weight training program dramatically reduced the amount of overall bone they lost throughout one year as compared to a control group.

Learn the basics to weight bearing exercise and start building healthier bones.

How many of these benefits appeal to you?

extra bonus:
what our powerhouse female athletes have to say about lifting

Women, lifting, weights, strong, sexy, Powerhouse, Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Vancouver, Olympic Village

Growing up I was a kid who was not very interested in sports. In fact, I was actually scared of the ball and would wish it wouldn’t roll or fly in my direction.

Fast forward to now: I’ve been doing Crossfit for over a year and a half now, and for the first time in my life, I feel like an athlete!

It’s truly an amazing feeling. For me, there is absolutely nothing that compares to feeling STRONG.

Oh yeah, and another bonus: my friends compliment me on my “jacked” arms all the time!

— Renée, Raincity Athletics

Valri Cunningham, Women, Lifting Weights, Powerhouse, Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Vancouver, Olympic Village

I have always been positive, but I’m sure my regular workouts help in keeping me happy and feeling good.

I definitely feel better when I workout, by that I mean lifting weights…

…everything else is just an added bonus like:

  • bike riding
  • swimming
  • hiking

That’s all icing on the cake, but lifting weights is key to allowing me to do all those other added bonuses.

I feel more confident on days I workout because I think about my posture and building strength.

It’s just so empowering!

— Valri Cunningham, ValUfitness

Women, lifting, weights, Powerhouse, Chiropractor, Chiropractic, Vancouver, Olympic Village

Weightlifting has brought a lot to my life:

  • A core belief that I’m as strong inside as I am outside
  • My improved self-confidence, which manifests itself in grunts and fist pumps from my training partners
  • A deep seeded satisfaction that the work I’m putting into my body is worth it

The ability to move a barbell confidently has helped me in all facets of my life and dramatically affected my physical and mental well-being.

I am more confident, happier and I feel at home when I’m standing above (or under) a barbell.

— Zina Boudraa, Raincity Athletics, Canadian Affiliate League Competitor

Athlete Photos by Julieth Fajardo of Athlete Inside: athleteinside.tumblr.com


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