Eat By Design Webinar

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Eat By Design works in harmony with our body’s genetic make-up and design. It is an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function. Eat By Design teaches people how to eat in order to create health as opposed to the culturally accepted norm of nutrition for disease treatment and prevention.

Eat By Design is a vital component of your lifestyle for a lifetime.

Nutrition Coaching with Dr Thea Lanoue

It’s time to ditch the yo-yo diets and the unsustainable approaches that leave you unmotivated and disheartened.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive, time consuming, overwhelming or difficult. I’ll show you it’s totally possible to create a lifestyle you love, one that supports better health and is sustainable for weight loss.

I believe in taking a long-term, sustainable approach to nutrition that helps you build healthy habits, reach your goals, and improve your relationship with both food and your body!

The Why Behind the What

Your body is in a constant state of change and, with every choice made; you are either giving your body what it requires or interfering with its optimal expression.

You could say you are either growing or dying and the state that predominates most often will ultimately determine the quality and quantity of your life.

You see, the functions of your body are innate, inborn and automatic. It’s part of being a human being. There is no need to tell your liver how to work and, as long as you are living, you couldn’t stop the cells in your body from striving towards health even if you tried.

This means turning to supplements, herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, superfoods or any other “treatment” in an attempt to control, modify and manipulate blood work, symptoms or other measurements often confused as being equivalent to health is a moot exercise.

The real ‘game’ is identifying the requirements, living a life that consistently fulfills them and enjoying the experience of a body expressing its inborn nature for health and an incredible life. The fundamental requirements for an optimal life are movement, sleep, water, nerve supply, air, purpose, and the focus of this book – fuel.

Food is our supply of materials for the recreation of cells, organs, tissues, and hormones within our body. In order for your body to make these new healthy cells and move towards your optimal genetic expression, you need the correct building blocks.

Eat By Design is the strategy to ensure you achieve this.

There is no need to strive for weight loss, to monitor your cholesterol levels, or to search for incredible health. As the body consistently receives what it needs, it begins to unfold into everything it is designed to be. It’s not coconut that cures diabetes. It’s the way the body uses the nutrients from coconut. Blueberries don’t cure cancer but berries provide micronutrients that the body can use to allow optimal immune system function.

Never forget that YOU are designed to be extraordinary and YOU are more super than any food.

What is “Eat By Design”?

The concept “By Design” describes an action or strategy aimed at addressing an essential requirement for the body’s operation and that moves us towards a greater expression of our genetic potential. Essential – meaning the body needs it to operate (nerve supply, sleep, air) and, with regards to fuel, it also means these requirements (nutrients) cannot be synthesized in large enough quantities by the body, so that they must be consumed.

Eat By Design is simply a strategy to fulfill our requirements for fuel based on what, as humans, we are best adapted to, what are the best nutrient-dense foods with the least amount of toxicity, and what foods ultimately move us towards a better expression of our current design.

Eat By Design has developed as a model, based on biological reality viewed through a philosophical lens of logic and reason. However, it is far from the only approach with similar recommendations for what is considered optimal fuel. In fact, many will recognize the foods as very Paleo-esque – meaning based on the food consumed during the Paleolithic Era and popularized by The Paleo Diet.