• We are continually recognized as one of Vancouver’s Best Chiropractors.

    We believe every human is designed to be extraordinary… and we want to show you what extraordinary feels like!

    We take people through the process of Bio-Structural Restoration in order to address core problems with your spine and nervous system.

    Chiropractic care at The Powerhouse is an investment in your overall health, wellbeing and quality of life… you’re worth it!

  • Do you struggle with pain leading to difficulty sleeping, fatigue, low energy or headaches? Are you tired of using a quick fix to mask the problem? Are you frustrated that no one has been able to help you?

    We understand. It’s not so much about what you’re feeling, it’s that it stops you from doing the things you need, want and love to do.

    The worst part is, not knowing exactly what the problem is or why it exists.

    If you struggle with knowing exactly how to support your health or that of your family, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Through clinical experience, many of the health challenges you experience are most often collateral damage and not core problems.

    The first step in determining if we can help is to schedule a complimentary consultation so you can meet with one of our doctors, review your case and see if an examination makes sense.

  • At The Powerhouse Chiropractic, our approach is different from traditional chiropractic care. Our focus is on Bio-Structural Restoration using the Life By Design Chiropractic Method™.

    Our comprehensive examination is focused on identifying core problems that may be affecting you in ways you can feel, but more importantly, in ways you likely have no idea about.

    If a core problem with your spine and nerve system is uncovered, a customized care plan will be designed specifically for you.

  • We recognize there is always a person behind the problem. We guarantee to always treat you like a human being, not the next number on the assembly line.

    We don’t have the solution to every health problem and we guarantee that if we believe you are not in the right place to get the care you need, we will find you the best health care professional to help.

    We know you only want to work with the best. With over 10 years experience, you can rest assured that all of our doctors are trained at applying the Life By Design Method™ and restoring your Bio-Structural health.

Success Stories

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  • Today was my second visit to The Powerhouse Chiropractic. I was very impressed with Dr Brian and his team from initial consultation, to exam and follow up and first adjustment. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Also they have a dog, his name is Teddy and he's pretty awesome.

    Bryan Mcdonald Avatar
    Bryan Mcdonald
    1 day ago

    Excellent customer service and professional staff

    Diego Iga Avatar
    Diego Iga
    1 month ago

    Using the services of The Powerhouse made me realize the importance of maintenance and self care. It is like a car, if you don't take care of it, it does not stay in a good state for long, and the older it gets the more obvious it shows. They offer an holistic approach. I don't know if it conventional as it is my first experience with a chiropractor.

    Frederique Niel Avatar
    Frederique Niel
    1 month ago
  • I recently started my chiropractor treatments at Powerhouse about a month ago and I am very happy with my results. Dr Brian and his staff have been amazing to work with and I have learned a lot about my body. Cleo, the front desk receptionist is very friendly and is always there to answer any questions you may have.Their approach not only helps you physically but mentally as well. I would definitely recommend them !

    Stephanie Rao Avatar
    Stephanie Rao
    2 months ago

    I'm very happy with The Powerhouse Chiropractic.The initial appointment and subsequent report on where my troubles were were right on the money. The Holistic approach and ensuring I am doing my part to relieving my pain is a welcome change from other practioners I have seen in the past.I'm impressed with everyone in the practice!Highly recommended.

    David Ryall Avatar
    David Ryall
    2 months ago

    I'm very happy with The Powerhouse Chiropractic.
    The initial appointment and subsequent report on where my troubles were were right on the money. The Holistic approach and ensuring I am doing my part to relieving my pain is a welcome change from other practioners I have seen in the past.
    I'm impressed with everyone in the practice!
    Highly recommended.

    David Ryall Avatar
    David Ryall
    2 months ago
  • Just started my treatment and I already feel the changes! also the doctors and specially the Director of cuddles AKA Teddy are the best! amazing experience 🙂

    Carolina Riaño Delgado Avatar
    Carolina Riaño Delgado
    3 months ago

    We've been seeing Powerhouse since I was pregnant with my first over 3 years ago. Your body goes through so many amazing changes throughout pregnancy and postpartum and Powerhouse was there every step of the way to help make those transitions. My husband, two kids and myself see and feel the amazing benefit that chiropractic has on our health and wellbeing. They say it takes a village to raise a family and I love that Powerhouse is an integral part of ours!

    Monika Neveklovska Johns Avatar
    Monika Neveklovska Johns
    3 months ago

    Dr. Brian, Dr. Thea, and all the staff at Powerhouse are phenomenal! Their attention to detail coupled with a holistic approach has helped reshape how I’m moving forward with healthier changes in my lifestyle. I’m currently on a twice a week schedule and seeing nothing but positive results. To cap it all off they have a cute dog named Teddy at the front desk to keep you company ☺️

    Brian Tancredi Avatar
    Brian Tancredi
    3 months ago
  • Been coming here for almost a year now, Dr Brian & Dr Thea are both amazing and great at what they do! And the staffs are always friendly and helpful too!

    lulu Ma Avatar
    lulu Ma
    4 months ago

    Lovely neighbourhood practice! Everyone there is super friendly, informative and helpful. The doctors are lovely and everyone else who works there as well. There’s a plan for your health and overall wellbeing vs some chiropractor clinics where you seem to be going endlessly and not really knowing why. I highly recommend this place 🙂

    Andrea Tam Avatar
    Andrea Tam
    4 months ago

    Outstanding service within a very topical industry. Dr. Brian & Dr. Thea have provided chiropractic care & support for me and my family for the past 2 years. Awesome team! plus a really positive environment to in.

    Brad Johns Avatar
    Brad Johns
    4 months ago
  • Excellent patient program and care.

    Nyree Pitt Avatar
    Nyree Pitt
    4 months ago

    Powerhouse worries about your long-term health and works to improve your quality of life in several aspects. Better sleep, better posture, less headaches, less sickness are all results I have achieved with them. I highly recommend them.

    Jose Carlos de Macedo Soares Avatar
    Jose Carlos de Macedo Soares
    4 months ago

    Great modern approach, not just treatments. How to adjust your eating habits, movement and exercise, positive thinking and overall healthy approach to life and well being..Honest! There to help you be and feel better even when you are awesome already. Highly recommended!

    Vladimir Babic Avatar
    Vladimir Babic
    4 months ago
  • Couldn't recommend The Powerhouse more! All their staff are lovely and friendly and the care you receive is excellent - I've noticed a huge improvement since going there. And it doesn't hurt that I get to see Teddy their lovely office dog when I go too!

    Lola Hyndley Avatar
    Lola Hyndley
    5 months ago

    I'm having an amazing experience with them, I've noticed body working as expected for a while and, each one of them is a good person. Decidedly I recommend for everyone.

    Renato Almeida Avatar
    Renato Almeida
    6 months ago

    I have been here for more than three months, with their help, I have a smooth pregnancy and they also fix my lower back pain which has been bugging me for a year! Thank you~

    Summer Tsai Avatar
    Summer Tsai
    6 months ago
  • Excellent!

    Rachelle Roux Avatar
    Rachelle Roux
    7 months ago

    I have been with Powerhouse since the begin. They have always been professional, courteous and friendly. As a result of the chiropractic serves I have gained better mobility, increased energy and a decrease in stress.The Powerhouse team has built a sense of community and encourages others to be themselves within that community. They are not just a chiropractic serves they are a community and family. I highly recommend them.

    Kelly Power Avatar
    Kelly Power
    7 months ago

    Dr Thea & Dr Brian are committed to exceptional care for families in Vancouver. I have been pleased with the time and interest both of them have taken in my health.

    Tracie Treahy Avatar
    Tracie Treahy
    7 months ago
  • With the atmosphere of an art gallery, speedy and friendly service from doctors and staff and a wholistic approach to all around health, the Powerhouse is a pleasurable and integral part of maintaining a higher quality of life.

    Mark Geo Avatar
    Mark Geo
    7 months ago

    Brian and Thea are super friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely improves my sleep and coordination.I learnt a lot about my body from the initial examination. A very thorough and scientific approach to understanding my body and pain points. They track your progress with periodic examinations and it’s very encouraging to see improvements.

    Cho Justin Avatar
    Cho Justin
    7 months ago

    Great to see everyone again!....I feel so much better since I started getting care at The Powerhouse...no back or neck discomfort and no morning back ache!

    Patti Parker Avatar
    Patti Parker
    8 months ago
  • Brian and Thea are super friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely improves my sleep and coordination.
    I learnt a lot about my body from the initial examination. A very thorough and scientific approach to understanding my body and pain points. They track your progress with periodic examinations and it’s very encouraging to see improvements.

    Cho Justin Avatar
    Cho Justin
    8 months ago

    I have been with Powerhouse since the begin. They have always been professional, courteous and friendly. As a result of the chiropractic serves I have gained better mobility, increased energy and a decrease in stress.

    The Powerhouse team has built a sense of community and encourages others to be themselves within that community. They are not just a chiropractic serves they are a community and family. I highly recommend them.

    Kelly Power Avatar
    Kelly Power
    8 months ago

    It was recommended through a friend of a friend that I go to the Powerhouse for a great experience and good results. I was not disappointed with the approach here to their chiropractic care. They have a comfortable office environment, friendly staff and modern booking systems with flexible appointment times. Definitely recommend.

    Hayley Crofts Avatar
    Hayley Crofts
    8 months ago
  • Nice clean premises, very friendly informative staff.

    Edward Gleeson Avatar
    Edward Gleeson
    8 months ago

    I got a referral from my fiancé 5 months ago, starting my process with the powerhouse team. My neck and shoulder always bother me cause I work in the office environment. Dr Brian and Dr Thea are very professional and friendly. Staff are all lovely and very supported. Clean open space 🙂

    Kara Chen Avatar
    Kara Chen
    8 months ago

    Front desk very nice and friendly. The space is super clean. Dr’s are professionals and super nice. Very easy going I love coming there leaving feeling good. I been going for almost a year and my sleep back pain has improve. Thank you

    Isaiah Jackson 24 Avatar
    Isaiah Jackson 24
    8 months ago
  • Brian and Thea are great people and great chiro practitioners. They have set up a technology forward practice that allows fast and efficient service for their customers. From fobbing in at your desired appt time and going directly to your table, computerized results, and automated reminders, you can be assured of a great service experience. I appreciate the treatments they have provided to help correct postural alignment issues from a broken leg injury.

    Jordan Cooper Avatar
    Jordan Cooper
    8 months ago

    I was looking for help with my back/neck pain and nervous system problems and was amazed to find a chiro clinic taking a systematic personalized approach to spinal alignment and the nervous system. The clinic atmosphere is modern and inviting, the location is central, staff are lovely, and I'll be bringing my daughter in soon too.

    Alexandra Wade Avatar
    Alexandra Wade
    8 months ago

    I was encouraged to go to Powerhouse by my daughter and her friend to get an assessment and diagnosis of my over 3 years of ongoing back pain. The diagnostic exam was very thorough and they even sent me for xrays. Dr. Brian explained in detail what my problem was and what they can do to help me. After only 2 weeks I am already mostly pain free, I feel my stability has returned and I'm very optimistic that it is only going to get better. I have been able to return to a more active life and have pain free days and nights. This has literally changed my life!***Update - I had to take a slight break from getting the care due to COVID 19 but my health continued to improve with the education on healthy eating and moving that Powerhouse taught me. Their continued care, knowledge and expertise has been integral in helping me get back to a healthy lifestyle.

    Marianne Robertson Avatar
    Marianne Robertson
    8 months ago
  • I don't have enough words to thank the entire Powerhouse team for the wonderful service they offer. I started my treatment when I was 16 weeks pregnant and had a super peaceful pregnancy, no back pain, restful sleep and a spectacular delivery! I highly recommend Dr Brian and Dr. Thea. With all my heart, thank you very much!

    Christiane Massuda Avatar
    Christiane Massuda
    9 months ago

    Dr. Brian and Dr. Thea are amazing people and Chiropractors. I've seen many others over the years and having major surgeries in my teenage years on my neck. I've coming here for quite a while and definitely feel a big difference in my overall health and well being after starting to see them. They truly care about the clients and want all those who visit them to work on their overall health, not to just come in and get adjusted. Just seeing them won't fix your bad lifestyle choices but a combination of everything does make a difference and that's what they preach. I highly would recommend them to anyone.

    Jason Lim Avatar
    Jason Lim
    9 months ago

    I've been going to this practice for a little less than a year and I feel that my back and my overall health is much better now. I don't believe in easy fix that's why I liked their approach. It took time to do the damage, so it would only make sense that it takes time to fix it. I strongly recommend the Powerhouse!

    Yulia Kutikova Avatar
    Yulia Kutikova
    9 months ago
  • This is my go-to place for chiropractic care. They offer metrics through testing before, during and after your treatment plan so that you can track your progress. The team goes above and beyond, is thoughtful in how they operate and you never feel rushed. The location is great, and if you are there during paid parking hours the meters are really cheap. The office is open during convenient times for those working full time and you can even grab a complimentary piece of organic fruit on your way out.

    Breanne Cooper Avatar
    Breanne Cooper
    10 months ago

    Slow process but have definitely noticed an improvement, very flexible with your needs and have lots of information to improve your overall longterm wellbeing.

    Lynn Loo Avatar
    Lynn Loo
    1 year ago

    I started going to Powerhouse as part of my post-natal recovery plan, and after the first session, I felt an immediate change - less pain in my pelvis, and my mobility improved. I really appreciate their holistic and supportive approach to care, and really learned a lot about my personal health challenges by undergoing their professional tests and by being able to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. I also really appreciate the flexibility when scheduling appointments, and the other resources they provide (ie. workshops, instructional videos, etc.). I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking pain management and health optimization.

    Nataly Ji Avatar
    Nataly Ji
    1 year ago
  • The environment is great, the team is very friendly, attentive and professional, and I felt a good improvement on my posture and my general healthy after I started with my chiropractic sessions there. I strongly recommend the place.

    Fernanda Rosa Avatar
    Fernanda Rosa
    1 year ago

    The Powerhouse family take genuine care and consideration for your health, wellbeing and happiness. Along with corrective and preventative adjustments there are all the workshops for nutrition/mobility & mindfulness mental health and general guidance along the way to help with your goals. It’s been a pleasure to be apart of this journey and it definitely feels like everything is moving in the right direction. Thank you

    Sophie Robinson Avatar
    Sophie Robinson
    1 year ago

    I had no idea what to expect from The Powerhouse when I first started but I suffered from chronic lower back pain, as well as pain in my neck/shoulders. From the first session I felt my posture improve immensely, followed by less lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Through the course of the programme one of the most noticeable improvements was in my balance and coordination. I’ve always suffered from poor balance, often falling over or twisting my ankle when walking-I had always attributed this to poor vision or carelessness, but consistently visiting The Powerhouse made a huge difference.I can’t recommend the Powerhouse enough, not only for the tangible benefits, but for Dr. Brian and Dr. Thea’s investment in each of their clients and the whole Powerhouse community.

    Zara Contractor Avatar
    Zara Contractor
    1 year ago
  • I have always gone to a NUCCA specialist for my neck issues and never actually felt the effects; over the years my body and muscles have just become more and more strained from all of the extra work to keep everything aligned and upright. After a series of really bad pinched nerves I started going to Powerhouse. I was a bit nervous (like most people) to have the treatment but I can honestly say I have felt fresh and mobile immediately after every treatment. I feel comfortable and trust the chiropractors there.

    Rebecca Sholter Avatar
    Rebecca Sholter
    1 year ago

    I've been going to the Powerhouse for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with the results. They not only help with your spine! From nutritional advice to exercise/stretching tips (occasional free yoga classes!) and even free samples! This is more than just a chiro office. They truly care about all aspects of your health. (Also, dog friendly which is a huge bonus.)

    B Dots Avatar
    B Dots
    1 year ago

    Love these guys! I’m seeing a lot of progress with my posture and they have helped me with sport injuries that I’ve had in the past as well. Great for those aggressive jocks out there haha!

    Melissa Franklin Avatar
    Melissa Franklin
    1 year ago
  • Dr. Brian and Dr. Thea are great! They are very open about their practice and aim to give the best treatment they can.

    David Nakai Avatar
    David Nakai
    1 year ago

    When I first starting attending Powerhouse Chiropractic, I was having issues sleeping, bad eating habits and stiff pain in my neck, hips and knee. Most of the physical pain I had become used to 'dealing with' over many years. I had been for corrective treatments with other companies and they worked in the short term. After receiving 2 treatments a week for 1.5 months at Powerhouse, not only have I seen drastic improvements in sleeping and eating, but I'm feeling fitter and healthier than I have in years! I even ran a 5K marathon last weekend without injury! I have so much more energy and my whole family has noticed an increase it my positivity too. Beyond thrilled with the results. Thanks Dr Brian & Dr Thea!!!!

    Amanda O'Mara Avatar
    Amanda O'Mara
    1 year ago

    I love the open concept treatment. Your scheduled visit means you're in and out on your way to or from work in a matter of minutes. Dr Brian and Dr Thea are lovely, and want to see you thrive as a whole being, as well as focusing on specific issues. And their staff are clearly a good working team.

    Dena Ellery Avatar
    Dena Ellery
    1 year ago
  • I have been going to The Powerhouse Chiropractic for over a year now and the service and care Dr. Brian & Dr. Thea provide for myself and others is unmatched. They are always focused on what the client's personal health challenges are and work with you to help solve them. I would recommend them to anyone that has pain, low mobility, or low energy and is looking to have someone work with you on on your individual needs.

    Eli Klinger Avatar
    Eli Klinger
    1 year ago

    Great chiropractors! Good environment awesome dog, nice people 10/10 recommend

    Devon S Avatar
    Devon S
    1 year ago

    I’ve been a patient at Powerhouse for several months now and have been super pleased with the level of professionalism, genuine kindness and amount of additional resources (from workshops to yoga sessions) that the practice provides!Thank you Dr Brian & Dr Thea!

    Claire Son Avatar
    Claire Son
    1 year ago
  • I’ve been going here for a few years now and they have helped me with my back pain. They make you feel at home and are very easy to talk too. Even when my dog got hit by a car they told me to bring him in with no hesitation. Wonderful staff and awesome work can’t thank them enough for improving my over health and self in general.

    Jose martin Blardony Avatar
    Jose martin Blardony
    1 year ago

    I have been on the program with Powerhouse for over 6 months now, and the team there have eliminated my back pain, while setting me on a great path to help my posture and balance.With a holistic approach that involves all factors in your life, not just your skeletal system, Dr. Brian and Dr. Thea give you the tools needed to help your body and mind be better. Their team are warm and friendly, offering knowledge and kindness in a great environment.I'd highly recommend their practice to anyone. The consultation is free, and you'll understand right away if it's a good fit for you or not.

    Amrit Maharaj Avatar
    Amrit Maharaj
    1 year ago

    Came in with a really bad posture and a chronic lower back pain... in a few weeks i have seen the huge improvement on my posture and my back is definitely better. Now i am back into my running... Thanks Dr.Brian & Dr.Thea

    jorge palos Avatar
    jorge palos
    1 year ago
  • Thank you so much for your ongoing care, healing hands, and thoughtfulness. My life is much better because of meeting your both.Highly recommend.

    Gabriele Link Avatar
    Gabriele Link
    1 year ago

    Staff is friendly and professional. I came in wanting to fix my posture and after my consultation they provided me with everything I needed to do to fix my posture and beyond by offering classes like move by design and eat by design. The powerhouse chiropractic not only helps you with your back problems but they help you to prevent them in the future by designing a life that you really want to have.I highly recommend them.

    Seigfred Perolino Avatar
    Seigfred Perolino
    1 year ago

    I have been going to The Powerhouse Chiro for 4 months now and have felt so much better because of it! Both Dr. Brian and Dr Thea are so helpful with helping me understand my body, I am always looking forward to my weekly appointment. Anna at the front desk is also super welcoming and helpful with accommodating with my work schedule.

    Monica Avatar
    1 year ago
  • If you are on the lookout for a great chiropractor, look no further!!! My 6 month old son and my 4 years old daughter started coming here a little over a year ago and have been feeling better with every visit since then. The Powerhouse has become like an extended family to us!

    Marina Zamyatina Avatar
    Marina Zamyatina
    1 year ago

    Powerhouse is one of the best chiropractors in Vancouver. They have a beautiful space and really take the time to ensure you get the best results.

    Tia Smith Avatar
    Tia Smith
    1 year ago

    Dr. Brian and Dr. Thea are an amazing team who are there to help you become your best self! I feel like I am part of the powerhouse family! They helped me with ongoing back pain and I continue to feel better. They care and it shows! I would recommend a visit to this office and get an assessment - you won't regret it! Thanks for all you have done for me!

    FMcD Avatar
    1 year ago
  • Best of Vancouver, Vancouver Chiropractor, Chiropractic Vancouver, Vancouver, Chiropractic, Chiropractor
  • Best of Vancouver, Vancouver Chiropractor, Chiropractic, Vancouver, The Powerhouse Chiropractic

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